Mac Sarbah

Founder and CEO

Hello! Welcome! I’m Mac Sarbah, Founder and CEO of EdAcme. You know, at a young age, I was passionate about education. It’s a passion that my late father instilled in me. It’s this passion which brought me from humble beginnings in rural Ghana to Columbia, Cambridge, and Harvard Universities.

I did my first twelve years of school in Yeji, a rural town in Ghana. There was no electricity. There was no running water. Despite the obstacles, it’s this passion which inspired me to work hard, studying with kerosene lanterns in rural Ghana to Legon, Columbia, Cambridge and Harvard Universities.

After elementary school, I went to an obscure senior high school in rural Ghana. We walked several miles to school every day. We didn’t have teachers. We didn’t have enough classrooms. We didn’t have enough books. It’s this passion which inspired me to emerge as one of a few among my cohort to pass the high school exams. It was, mostly, because of the dedication, support and mentorship of the few teachers, classmates, friends, and family.

Along the journey, I have failed many times. I have been victorious many times. In both failure and victory, I have learned great lessons: lessons which have given me the passion to serve young people, to help them overcome their education challenges, to help them achieve more, to help them fail less. This is what I have been doing for the past ten years. And it’s the very reason that EdAcme was born: to help young people achieve their biggest goals, to help them maximize their potential, to help them be the best they can be.

Along the journey, I have benefited from good mentorship and support from teachers, classmates, friends, school administrators, and family. This is why EdAcme is here to give back and to serve. This is why I have assembled like-minded group of advisors, from the world’s best institutions and organizations, who are passionate and committed to helping young people maximize their education, entrepreneurship and career potential. We do this by providing students and young professionals access to exclusive resources and opportunities to help them accelerate their accomplishments.


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